Mobility workshop

with Susie Fisher

Saturday, November 20th

What to Expect:

In this workshop, registrants will be introduced to the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of pairing strength training with mobility work on a regular basis. We will look at the many ways our body systems as a whole are supported by increased joint mobility, greater muscle flexibility, and healthy connective tissue, particularly as we age. We'll learn movement and postures that aim to generate healthy muscle and joint tissues. We'll put these postures into practice by ending with a sweat-inducing, heart-pumping yoga practice that will help you feel strong and flexible.

Date: Saturday, November 20

Time: 9am-12pm

Location: Outland Health & Fitness

Cost: $30

*Yoga mat optional but not required

*Suitable for all fitness levels, no experience needed


Susie Fisher has been a student of yoga for 25 years. She has been teaching yoga in the Altona area since 2014. She is a certified yoga instructor with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. Susie has a gentle approach to the practice, and encourages students to listen carefully to what their bodies are telling them. As the owner of Altona Yoga, Susie sees the benefits of mindful movement in her students. Susie is presently completing her 500-hour yoga teacher training certification with Harmony Tree Studio. She is interested in exploring further training in Yoga Therapy.